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 how to:get an account [ home ] [ printer friendly

    To get started, follow these steps to sign up for a Free newSLATE account:

    1. Click on the newSLATE logo at the top left of any of the regular newSLATE web pages. 
      (Click where it says "click to enter.")  If your system needs upgrades (all are free downloads) or requires special usage instructions, the newSLATE web page will reload and display the information for your system.  If you do not see the words "click to enter," then click here.
        Download and install upgrades as required.
        PC and Mac OS X users should then return to the newSLATE web site and click on the newSLATE logo as before to access the newSLATE applet.  Mac OS 8/9 users should use Opera or MSIE or follow the special usage instructions to start Apple Applet Runner in order to access the newSLATE applet.
    3. Wait for the log-in screen to appear.  Then select either [youth signup (under 13)] or [regular signup].
      • If you selected youth sign-up, read and accept the Terms of Use, enter a username of your own choosing, your parent's or guardian's e-mail address, and click [proceed].
      • If you selected regular sign-up, read and accept the Terms of Use, enter a username of your own choosing, your e-mail address, and click [proceed].
      E-mail addresses do not need to be unique.
    4. You will now be able to use newSLATE.  Check your e-mail after a few minutes to receive your newSLATE password.  Use this password to log in to future newSLATE sessions.

    Once you have logged in to newSLATE using the computer-generated password sent via e-mail, you will be able to use the [edit profile] function on the home screen to change your password to one of your own choosing. 

    Please keep a record of your username and password in a safe place.  We do not, at this time, have any automated services to help you retrieve them if they are forgotten.
    Your privacy is important. 
    Read our privacy policy.

 how to:get an account [ home ] [ printer friendly

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