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    The newSLATE file exchange feature lets individual newSLATE users share newSLATE files with each other. 

    Students who study together can now share in the creation of newSLATE study materials for their classes.  Weekly vocabulary lists or other study materials can be divided up, and each student can provide his or her study partners with a portion of the materials.  Each student can then take newSLATE quizzes on the entire set of materials to prepare for class. 

    Teachers can assign students to prepare a portion of the class study materials.  Students can send these materials to their teachers to be reviewed, combined and redistributed to the entire class.

    The file exchange SEND feature for your newSLATE account is available with a Standard or Access subscription at a low yearly feeSchools may purchase Student subscriptions with this feature.  Any newSLATE account holder, regardless of subscription level, can make use of the materials you send to them.

    File exchange is easy to use. 

    • To RECEIVE a file: Select [work on files].  In the list of files and folders, click on the triangle pointing at incoming files to see if you have any incoming files.  If a file has been sent to you, you can move it into my files (or a subfolder, if you have a paid account).  To do this, select an incoming file, and click on [receive file]. The file will disappear from the incoming files list. The file will now be found in the my files folder.

    • To SEND a file: Select [work on files].  Select the file in my files that you wish to send, and click on [send file]. Rename the copy of the file that will be sent (optional), type in the newSLATE username of the receiver, and click [ok].  To see that the file is now available for the recipient, click on the triangle pointing at outgoing files in the list of files and folders.  Once the file has been picked up by the recipient, it will no longer appear in the outgoing file list.

    If you have further questions, please write to:
    Please include your newSLATE user name and tell us that you are requesting information about the file exchange feature.


 overview:file exchange [ home ] [ printer friendly

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