Introducing newSLATE    on the web at url  /

Student's name:__________________________ Instructor's name:__________________________

newSLATE is a web-based study tool.  It generates quizzes from study materials that you or your instructor prepare.  Your study materials are kept in your personal newSLATE account. 

The purpose of this information sheet is to help your instructor decide whether using newSLATE is appropriate for your class.  The steps below guide you through the process of signing up and activating a newSLATE account.  Whether or not you are able to complete all of the steps, it is important to return this sheet to your instructor.  Knowing how many students are able to complete this process will allow your instructor to determine what uses of newSLATE are best for your class.

To use newSLATE:

  1. Connect to the Internet and type / into the address area of your browser.  Do you see the words "click to enter" at the top left of the page?    YES   NO
    If you answered NO, then newSLATE will not run.  If you answered YES, continue.
  2. Click on "click to enter".  Does a pop-up window with a black background begin loading?    YES   NO
    If you answered NO, you may decide to follow the system upgrade instructions which are displayed, and then retry this step, or you may decide to stop here.  If you answered YES, continue.
  3. When newSLATE finishes loading, click on [youth signup (under 13)] or [regular signup] as appropriate. 
    You will be asked to create a
    user name:____________________________ (Alert! Joe is not the same as joe)
    and enter your
    e-mail:________________________________ (Your personal information is not shared.  Read the newSLATE privacy policy at the newSLATE web site.)
  4. After you complete the signup, check your e-mail for a message with your newSLATE password.  Did you receive the e-mail with your password? (If you do not receive it right away, wait 20 minutes and check again.)    YES   NO
    If you answered NO, then you may have incorrectly typed your e-mail address.  In this case, you may decide to close the newSLATE pop-up window, click on "click to enter" again, and retry this step, or you may decide to stop here.  If you answered YES, continue.
  5. From the newSLATE home screen (click on the house icon at the top left of the newSLATE frame, if you are not already there), click on [logout].  Are you able to log in using your username and the password you received in the email?     YES   NO
    After you log in, you may click on [edit profile] to change your password to something you prefer.  Keep a record of it in a safe place.

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