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    newSLATE has built-in multilingual support, and currently includes Latin-script, Hebrew (with vowels), Yiddish and bidirectional (mixed left-to-right and right-to-left) text entry. 

    You can create mixed language learning materials entirely within newSLATE, without any special fonts or multilingual word processors.  A keyboard mapping feature allows you to type directly on your keyboard to enter materials in another language.  You can also use your mouse to select characters on a virtual keyboard.  And your mixed language learning materials will be automatically transformed into mixed language quizzes.

    newSLATE is truly cross-platform.  Use it on on Mac, Windows and Linux systems. 

    newSLATE is built entirely in Java, which means that all newSLATE text handling is Unicode-based.  We plan to extend our language support to include other non-Roman scripts, such as:

    • Greek
    • Russian

    newSLATE was developed with today's language learning needs in mind.  We are very interested in hearing about your specific language support and language learning needs.  Write to .


 overview:language support [ home ] [ printer friendly

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