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    The newSLATE web site is wholly owned by ZigZag, Inc.  Throughout this policy, "we" and "us" refer to ZigZag, Inc. This site provides individuals with online accounts for storing study materials, taking quizzes on stored study materials, transferring study materials among account holders, and other related functions.  The information provided in this privacy policy will explain what information we collect from you, why we collect it, and how we use it.  This privacy policy may change from time to time.  Account holders will be notified of changes by e-mail or directly through their newSLATE account.  We will determine which method of notification we will use.

    When you sign up for a newSLATE account, we require you to create a username of your own choosing, and to provide a working e-mail address.  You will be able to use your newSLATE account immediately, and you will also be sent, via e-mail, a password for your account.  You must use this password within seven days in order to retain the account.  If you do not use the password within seven days, all information related to your account will be deleted.

    If you are under thirteen years old, we require that you provide your parent's or guardian's e-mail address; in this case, we will e-mail a notification of your interest in having a newSLATE account to your parent or guardian, who will decide whether to activate your account. 

    Your username and password are used to uniquely identify materials you create for your personal use.  To protect your account:

      DO NOT tell anyone your PASSWORD ( immediately to get a new password if yours is compromised)

      LOGOUT of newSLATE every time you walk away from the computer (particularly if you are in a computer lab).

    The e-mail address you provide is used only by us to communicate with you about the status of your account, changes or modifications to our system, new services we may offer, and to notify you of third-party products and services which we believe may be of interest to you.  We do not share your e-mail address or your correspondence with us with third parties. 

    We may publicly or privately share aggregate information about newSLATE users or their concerns.  Aggregate information is summary information about many users.  An example of aggregate information might be: Many newSLATE users are associated with educational institutions in the XYZ region. 

    We do not use cookies of any type.

    We do maintain various internal logs of system activity.  These logs are used solely to monitor the performance of the newSLATE software, and to detect and repair system errors. 

    Data files that you store in your newSLATE account can only be shared or distributed by you.  Your data will never be used by us except as you direct, or to comply with the law.  We reserve the right to make a reasonable number of copies of your data for backup and/or system maintenance services.

    If you report a problem with your account to us, we may request additional information to help us diagnose and repair the problem.  We may keep records of such diagnostic information for our internal use, as part of our ongoing efforts to improve our system.

    Questions or comments about our privacy policy, your account, or your child's account should be directed to:


      ZigZag, Inc.
      P.O. Box 83255
      Gaithersburg, MD 20883-3255


 overview:privacy policy [ home ] [ printer friendly

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