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    newSLATE quizzes are online, interactive, generated automatically, randomized, evaluated instantly, and provide adaptive feedback.  newSLATE currently supports these quiz types:

    • alphabetize words
    • build a word
    • completion
    • matching
    • multiple choice

    Although you are probably familiar with most of these quiz types, newSLATE renders every one of them in a new way, with the ability to handle data multiplicities, multiple languages, combined learning materials, and more, all in an exciting, yet functionally intuitive, format.

    Create your own learning materials -- for example, a list of words and their definitions -- and store them online in your newSLATE account, or select prepared learning materials from a newSLATE access area.  Whenever you are ready to practice, first select the quiz type you want, and then select the materials you want to study.  newSLATE generates a quiz of that type, on your selected materials, with randomized questions, and presents it to you in moments.  Take the quiz, get your score, find out what errors you made and how to correct them.  Practice as often as you like, with the quiz types that suit you, until you are satisfied that you know the material. 


 overview:quizzes [ home ] [ printer friendly

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