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    newSLATE is a web-based learning tool.  It is delivered both as a Java applet and as a Java Web Start application.  The newSLATE software lets you prepare study materials online (e.g. vocabulary lists, notes on a topic), and then lets you practice those materials through automatically generated interactive quizzes.

    newSLATE helps learners by focussing on two key elements of the learning process:

    • organizing information
    • practice.

    To use newSLATE, sign up for a Free account.  Use your account to create and store your own learning materials.  Creating new learning materials can be as simple as typing up a vocabulary list, or some class notes.  From these learning materials, newSLATE automatically generates a variety of quizzes which can be taken and scored immediately.  Different quiz types, combined with randomized question generation, leverage opportunities to practice and master learning materials.  Learners benefit because newSLATE personalizes studying and supports good study habits.

    newSLATE is productivity software for learning, just as a word processor is productivity software for writing.  A word processor does not do your writing for you, but it can improve the presentation of your writing, and make it easier to edit, revise and share your work.  Similarly, newSLATE does not do your studying for you, but it can help you organize information to be learned, and can make it easier for you and others to learn from the materials you prepare.

    Because newSLATE is web-based, you can use it from any computer which has Internet access to your newSLATE account and supports Java 1.1 or later.  The Java Web Start version is available for PC's with Java 1.4.1 or later, and Mac OS X systems.


 overview:what is it? [ home ] [ printer friendly

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