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    Raphael Finkel has developed an online Yiddish Typewriter for converting between various Yiddish text formats, checking spelling, and for finding definitions.  We kindly thank him for making his extensive Yiddish-English dictionary files available to newSLATE users.

    The files contain over 7,000 Yiddish entries.  Some English definitions may indicate the root of the Yiddish word, not the precise meaning of the word.  The definitions do not indicate the acceptability of the word in various usage situations; some words may be taboo, some are not standard, and some are neologisms.  Also, there may be some definition errors in Hebrew-based words which are pronounced like non-Hebrew-based words.  Please understand this as you study.

    The entries have been divided alphabetically in Yiddish to provide twenty-seven lists of up to several hundred words each.  To practice directly with these large files, we recommend using the multiple choice, matching or build a word quizzes.  For more focussed practice, or to practice using the completion quiz, copy a file to your own newSLATE account, and create your own smaller files with just those terms you need to learn.

    newSLATE users may take quizzes using the Yiddish files, and may save a copy of the files in their own newSLATE account for personal use only.  If you wish to reuse the Yiddish files for other purposes, or have any questions about them, please contact .

    To use these files, log into newSLATE by clicking on the "click to enter" graphic at the top left of any regular newSLATE web page. Then,

    To take a quiz,

    1. Click on [take a quiz].
    2. From the "take a quiz" screen, open the shortcuts folder and then the Yiddish sub-folder.
    3. Select the quiz type and file you want to practice (multiple choice recommended to start), and click [ok].

    To copy a file to your account for your personal use,

    1. Click on [work on files].
    2. From the "work on files" screen, open the shortcuts folder and then the Yiddish sub-folder.
    3. Select the Yiddish file you want to copy, and click on [copy/move file].
    4. You will now see the file you copied in your my files list.
 access areas:Yiddish [ home ] [ printer friendly

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